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General Rules - Compulsories

For the 1A, 2A and 4A divisions, all compulsory tricks completed on the first attempt receive 5 points. If necessary, a successful second attempt receives 3 points.
For the 1A division, 'binds' of any kind will be allowed. Loss of control or multiple attempts(more than one) to get the yoyo back to your hand will also not be allowed. You are to get the yoyo back to your hand within 1 attempts. If the yoyo comes back half way, it will be counted as a miss.
A trick is complete when the string is fully wound around the axle and back in the hand. A yo-yo must be caught with one hand, the hand that originally threw the yo-yo, and not trapped against the body. More than five inches of string remaining outside the yo-yo when caught is considered a miss. No string misses or flipovers are allowed on any tricks.
A trick starts and finishes within the trick box. A player must keep feet planted unless the trick requires movement. If a players feet leave the trick box during a trick it is considered a miss.
A throw made within the trick box counts as an attempt. Outside the trick box a player may only toss a throwdown, spinner, forward pass, a single loop, a single hop the fence, or string adjustments (excluding UFO prior to attempting that trick). Practicing a contest trick outside the trick box during the judging session is considered a miss.
A player may adjust the yo-yo and string. An unintentional broken or knotted string may be replaced. A yo-yo may not be dismantled during the judging session.
A yo-yo must be able at all time to sleep a minimum of 3 seconds and a judge may request to test any yo-yo at any time.
Any yo-yo may be used. The same yo-yo must be used for all tricks. A judge has the discretion to allow a similar replacement yo-yo to be used if the original yo-yo is damaged.
Good sportsmanship is expected. Interfering with another contestant may be cause for disqualification.
A player in the finals who is not sure if their music is appropriate for a public competition should have it reviewed in advance of their performance.
An appeal must be discussed with the judge before the end of the judging session. No video challenges will be allowed.
A judges decision is final.



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